The 16 Most Insane Moments In The New Lil Jon/DJ Snake Video

They're turned down ... for what?

Lil Jon has long been known for his ... unique style. But his new "Turn Down For What" video with collaborator DJ Snake — directed by the Daniels — takes things to a whole new level of bizarre, amazing insanity. There are jiggling genitals, flying furniture and a twerking sequence so disturbing it may put a permanent nail in the trend.

Warning: You can't un-see these. But you may not want to.

1. That Won't Help His Reception

2. Sorry, You Have The Wrong Number

3. The Force Is Strong With This Junk

4. Yup. Still The Junk

5. It's A Hell Of A Party Trick

6. Maybe Call The Cable Company?

7. Atomic Butt Drop. The Hulkster Would Be Proud.

8. Twerking Is Officially Over

9. The Next Trendy Core-Strengthening Move

10. I Hate It When That Happens

11. Uh....

12. MOM?!?

13. No, No Don't Do It!

14. Do NOT Try This At Home

15. Confirmed: Twerking Is Dead And Buried

16. The Party's Over. Or Is It??