Did Jay Z And Daft Punk Record A Secret Track?

The full version of 'Computerized' is even more amazing than we could have imagined.

Things we learned today: Daft Punk and Jay Z teamed up on a track called "Computerized." Things we didn't: why it was never released.

While a spokesperson for Daft Punk had not confirmed the origins of the track at press time, "Computerized" sounds very real ... and very awesome. Melding portions of DP's "The Son of Flynn" — from their Tron: Legacy soundtrack — and their patented robo-vocals with a never-before-heard Jay verse, it's a pretty seamless blend of both artist's talents, a cool, coital rumination of love in the digital age. (Pitchfork first reported that it had gotten confirmation on the song's legitimacy, though it did not cite a source.)

A snippet of the track began making the rounds on message boards last year, but the full version materialized on Monday, sending the Internet into a frenzy, as fans attempted to figure out its authenticity ... and perhaps carbon-date the collaboration.

Then again, good luck. It's not clear when "Computerized" was recorded — or why no one ever thought to release it — though Daft Punk's "Tron" score was released in 2010, and Jay does make a lyrical reference to his BlackBerry his iTouch and iChat, which means he probably contributed his verses before signing his Magna Carta Holy Grail deal with Samsung in 2013.

Early reports also had Kanye West involved in the track's creation as a co-producer, though Pitchfork discredited those rumors.