MTV's Musical March Madness: Imagine Dragons Want Redemption ... And Help From Tokio Hotel

Imagine Dragons have championship dreams; nominate them for #MMM 2014 today!

The five-year history of MTV's Musical March Madness tournament has seen no shortage of Cinderella stories — Disturbed's deep run in the 2011 tourney, F--ked Up's shocking string of upsets in 2012, Walk The Moon's sprint to the Final Four last year — but Imagine Dragons' 2013 appearance was not one of them.

After all, they entered last year's tournament as unheralded upstarts with something to prove ... then promptly lost in the opening round. So, naturally, in 2014, they're looking for redemption.

"I feel like we got voted out pretty early last time. We got smoked by, like, Tokyo Police Club. Who was it? Tokio Hotel. That's who it was," Dragons' frontman Dan Reynolds told MTV News. "Don't they win every year or something? Their fans are the real deal."

Actually, Imagine Dragons lost to Modest Mouse ... but that didn't guitarist Wayne Sermon from calling out perennial MMM powerhouses Tokio Hotel — "We're coming after you!" he snarled — a move which would almost certainly incur the wrath of TH's super-serious "Aliens" fanbase; which is why Reynolds was quick to interrupt him. After all, the Dragons would like to actually win this thing.

"Don't do that! We respect you [Tokio Hotel fans], we respect everything you're about," he said. "But, if you wanna be fans of two bands, we'll accept you. There's room."

"We would like to encourage everybody from Tokio Hotel to please vote for us in Musical March Madness," bassist Ben McKee deadpanned.

Of course, perhaps Imagine Dragons are getting ahead of themselves ... after all, they've still got to qualify for the 2014 Musical March Madness tournament. And they'll need your help to do it.

Because this year, for the first time, we're letting fans pick all the bands for MMM 2014: You can tweet your picks @MTVNews using the hashtag #MMM. We'll be watching all week, and then, on Monday, March 17, we'll unveil the full bracket of 64 bands at

So, if you want to see Imagine Dragons realize their championship dreams, you better nominate them! Oh, and it probably wouldn't hurt to rally the troops, either; make sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, and check back in on Monday, March 17, when MMM 2014 officially tips off!