'Arrow': All The Big Moments On 'The Promise'

Island-centric episode pays off with big reveals for DC Comics hero show.

Picking up literally seconds after last week's episode, "The Promise" opens with Oliver Queen being re-introduced to his arch nemesis, Slade Wilson. Under the guise of donating a considerable amount of money to Moira's mayoral campaign, Slade is offered a tour of the Queen household. While Oliver begrudgingly shows his guest around, he alerts his crack team of experts back at the Arrow Cave as to Slade's location.

Here are some highlights from this week's episode of "Arrow:"

Brothers No More

During the flashback segments of this week's episode, Slade finally learns the truth about Shado's death. Now, Slade can't seem to decide who he wants to murder first; i.e. Oliver or Ivo. Luckily for him, Ivo has lost control of his freighter and Slade is able to lock both Oliver and Ivo away in their respective prison cells.

Sympathy for Dr. Ivo

In the final moments of the epic gunfight on board the freighter, Ivo reveals that this whole time he's been working on the Mirakuru serum with the hopes that he would one day be able to cure his institutionalized wife, Jessica. With his wife gone, his hand cut off, and his serum in the hands of Slade, Ivo is starting to look less and less like a bad guy and more and more like a good guy who's been forced to do bad despite personal conflicts.

A Firm Handshake

When Slade meets Roy Harper in present day Starling City, he's immediately alerted to Roy's enhanced strength via a simple handshake. Could Slade have finally met his match? Probably not, being as it's more than likely that Slade has been regularly injecting himself with Mirakuru for the past five years.

More Than Meets the Eye

With a head shot perfectly lined up, Diggle is taken out at the last second by an unknown assailant working for Slade. What else does Slade know about present day Oliver Queen? How many deadly assassins does he have under his employ? It's a good thing Oliver has gained so many allies this season!

Always Watching

At the end of "The Promise," it's revealed that Slade has stealthily placed hidden cameras all over the Queen residence. How long will it take Oliver's team of experts to figure out what Slade has up his sleeves? Hopefully, Oliver is able to gain the upper hand on Slade before someone very close to him is murdered in cold blood.