'The Voice' Recap: Find Out Who 'Sounds Like Usher, Looks Like Blake'

Blind auditions continued Tuesday night, as Shakira and Usher looked awfully chummy.

As the blind auditions of "The Voice" reached its halfway point Tuesday night (March 4), coaches Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton continued to fill the slots on their team, while Adam Levine grew increasingly picky with his selections.

The coaches' claws took a back seat as Shakira and Usher broke out in a robotic bonding session, Shelton pulled the "wife card," and Levine seemingly forgot how to push his button. Here are a few highlights of the night.

Just Like A Rock Star

26-year-old Megan Rüger kicked off the night with a passionate performance of Pink's "Just Like a Pill." Her controlled but ragged voice resonated with Usher and Shelton, with both judges turning around at the last minute. Shelton praised the contestant's vocals for continuously "going to new levels," and in the end, she landed herself on Team Blake.

Shakira And Usher's Love Fest

It was clear that 20-year-old Morgan Wallen had the power of love on his side during his blind audition. When the Tennessee native's raspy and emotional audition of Howie Day's "Collide" came to a close, Usher and Shakira — the two coaches to turn around — were holding hands and exchanging compliments. Even when the contestant chose to team up with Usher, and the coach broke out in celebratory dance, Shakira had no hard feelings and opted to join him for a robot dance.

The Wicked Games Begin

Idaho native Emily B. has had her ups and downs in life. Just when she was riding high as a session singer on such projects as "Pitch Perfect" and Cee-Lo's holiday album, she found out she needed two brain surgeries to correct a rare disorder. So when the 33-year-old hit the blind audition stage, she knew it was her time to get back into music. Her hauntingly beautiful performance of "Wicked Game" resonated with three of the four coaches, and even got a standing ovation from Shakira. She landed a spot on Team Shakira.

Sounds Like Usher, Looks Like Blake

It's no secret that one of the most nerve-wracking things to do in a singing competition is sing one of the coaches' songs in front of them, but that didn't stop Texas native Stevie Jo. The 19-year-old sang Usher's "There Goes My Baby," and his falsetto and seamless transition from high to low register quickly got the approval of the man himself. When the audition was over and the other coaches turned around, they were more than surprised to find a white man on stage, Levine even blurting out, "He sounds like Usher, he looks like Blake!" Jo landed himself a spot with his desired mentor, Usher.

Adam (Finally) Hits His Button

It was an atypically quiet night for Levine, who decided to be a lot pickier with his selections. In fact, he did not turn around for the entirety of the show — that was, of course, until 21-year-old Audra McLaughlin came on to the blind audition stage to close out the night. The Philadelphia native who struggles with a learning disability and suffered from bullying because of it gave a moving performance of Bonnie Raitt's "Angel From Montgomery," and immediately got Levine to turn around. Her sweet yet raspy voice coupled with a passionate performance soon got all four coaches to turn around. Levine fought valiantly for McLaughlin's alliance, but he was no match for Shelton's play of the "wife card," and the contestant landed herself on Team Blake.

The end of week two of the blind auditions saw Usher and Shakira bring their team to nine members, while Shelton filled seven spots, and Levine remains at seven.