'The Voice' Recap: Usher Makes Show History With The Foot Push

Blind auditions continued Monday night, as Blake Shelton did the moonwalk and Shakira compared herself to Alexander the Great.

Week two of blind auditions began Monday night (March 3) on "The Voice," as the talent kept coming and coaches Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton continued to fill the slots on their teams.

We thought it would have been hard for the Emmy-winning singing competition to tops its premiere week, but then we saw Blake's celebratory moonwalk, sat in on Shakira's impromptu history lesson, suffered a series a mini heart attacks because of Usher's last-minute button pushing, drooled over Adam's pleading puppy dog eyes, and realized just how wrong we were. Here are a few of the night's highlights.

Moonwalkin' With The Garbage Man

When 33-year-old Ryan Whyte Maloney hit the stage for his blind audition, it wasn't long until his smooth tone and high register got all four of the coaches to turn around. "I'm not from Vegas," Usher told the guitar-wielding garbage man from Las Vegas, "but I'm willing to gamble." In the end, rocker Maloney landed himself a spot on Team Blake, and Shelton gloated with a celebratory moonwalk.

Royal Nanny

Texas native Sam Behymer's unique and quirky sound resonated with Levine and Usher. The 25-year-old nanny's rendition of Lorde's "Royals" was a "breath of fresh air" to Levine, and left Usher reminding her that individuality was his "specialty" in this competition (referring, of course, to season four's Michelle Chamuel). Behymer chose to be on Team Adam.

Usher's Fleeting Feet See Double

The night's one and only duo to hit the blind audition stage was Brothers Walker. The 26-year-old identical twins took on Zac Brown Band's "Keep Me In Mind," and although their harmonious sound and energetic performance got the crowd going, none of the coaches turned around — that was until Usher's foot (yes, foot) hit his button at the last possible second. The coach managed to make "The Voice" history with the very first button-pushed-by-a-foot, give us a heart attack, and land Brothers Walker on his team with one flick of an ankle — good job, Usher.

History As Told By Shakira

27-year-old Clarissa Serna earned herself the second four-chair turn around of the night. The female rocker hit the stage with a strong rendition of The Cranberries' "Zombie," and immediately got the attention of all four coaches, Shakira and Usher even air drummed as she performed. The men tried their hardest to duke it out with Shakira, but in the end, the female coach's on-the-fly history lesson of strategists like Alexander the Great always winning over tacticians like Hannibal in war won the contestant's alliance.

"Ain't No Way" She's Going Home

The last audition of the night came from Sisaundra Lewis. The 44-year-old had come far in her musical journey, even getting the opportunity to be vocal director for Celine Dion, but it was her time to take center stage. With a special video message from Dion, Lewis took the stage, and immediately blew all four of the coaches away. Her passionate performance and amazing range got rave reviews, Shakira calling her voice "ravishing," and Shelton saying "I would buy your record if it came out tomorrow." In the end, Lewis landed a spot on Team Blake.

The end of night three saw Levine and Usher bring their team's total to seven, while Shakira has six and Shelton has four.