The Janoskians Give Us Tips On Surviving Their Mobbed Meet-Ups

After the Aussie fivesome shut down Times Square, they give MTV News some tips for handling the next mob.

A few years ago, the Janoskians was simply "Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation." Quite literally. But as the five Aussie teens continued to blow up YouTube with their prank videos and a handful of songs, the Janoskians have gone global.

They've gotten so popular, in fact, that meet-and-greets with fans usually become trending topics. And just last weekend, the boys shut down Times Square with thousands of people descending on the heart of New York City — most of them screaming girls.

"It was way shorter than we expected, like all chaos breakout," Jai Brooks said when the guys stopped into MTV News.

"And then the police came, and they got really angry at us. They wanted to evacuate it and shut it down," Daniel Sahyoune added.

Even after police rushed them away, fans were still lingering, causing NYPD to block off streets.

"Just complete madness," Jai's twin Luke said.

So with all the craziness of the Janoskians' wild meet-ups, we thought we'd grab a few tips from them to make sure things go a little smoother next time. Here's what they had to offer.

1. Tie Your Shoes

"Definitely tie your shoes 'cause so many girls' shoes get taken off their feet," Luke advised. "It looks to painful."

2. Bring A Buff Bum

"Keep your ground," Luke added, patting his tush. "Keep. Your. Ground. You need strong a strong arse."

3. Hold On Tight

"You always got to hold your wallet and your phone," Daniel said wisely. "Always."

"And your laptop. When I first came to New York, straight off the plane, I got mobbed, and they took the laptop out of my bag and it was stolen for three months," Jai said. "And I finally got it back. The screen was a bit cracked."

4. Remain Calm

"Also, don't panic," Luke recommended.

5. Just Run Away

"If you're us in the scene, you just need to run," Jai said, giving his pals a bit of advice. "That's the police was doing to us, grabbin' us and pushing us."

"They pulled us onto the road," James Yammouni said.

With all the tips down, the Janoskians still couldn't believe that they gathered together so many fans.

"I think it was literally 12 girls that came to our first meet-and-greet," Brooks brother Beau said.

"And two years later, we're in another country, shutting down Times Square," Luke said, finishing his bandmate's sentence. "Our fans shutting down Times Square..."