Throwback Thursday: Before The Oscars, Watch Jennifer Lawrence Impersonate Snooki

'Where's the beach?!' Lawrence yelped in 2011.

It was a television love affair for the ages that had viewers glued week after week to see what craziness would hit their screen next. No, not "Breaking Bad" ... we're talking "Jersey Shore."

Back in 2011, the "Jersey Shore" was at its height and it seemed like it was the only thing people could talk about, including "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence. In this week's Throwback Thursday, we opened the vault to dig up some magic on J-Law to celebrate in her Oscar nomination and found the moment where she declared, and demonstrated, her true love for Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

While talking to our own Josh Horowitz at the National Board of Review Gala in 2011, Lawrence confessed that was indeed a fist-pumping fan.

"I love 'Jersey Shore'!" the actress said on the red carpet, adding that if they got any more crazy on the show, it would turn into an episode of "Cops."

Jennifer, being the good sport that she is, then played along when asked to give her best Snooki impression. Sans poof, Jennifer nailed it, reciting one of Snooki's most famous lines from the show, "Where's the beach?!" and then followed up with "Where's New York?!"

And proving once again that she is an actress with a wide range of talents, Jennifer concluded the interview by doing her best imitation of "The Situation," sticking out her tongue and mimicking him pulling up his shirt to show off those washboard abs.

On Sunday, Jennifer will be attending the Academy Awards where she could possibly take home her second Oscar in as many years for Best Supporting Actress in her role in "American Hustle."

Yet, before you see if she takes home her award, make sure you look for her during Oscars 2014: Red Carpet Live, where MTV's Josh Horowitz and VH1's Kate Spencer will be covering all the action beginning at 5:00 p.m. ET on, and Don't miss it!