'Arrow' Recap: Everything You Missed On 'Time Of Death'

Sara's official return to Starling City causes problems at home and in the Arrow Cave.

After a two-week hiatus, "Arrow" returned on Wednesday night (February 26) with "Time of Death," an episode focused around the Black Canary, a.k.a. Sara Lance. While she may have fended off the League of Assassins for the time being, Sara still has a lot to deal with when it comes to her family, her crime-fighting partners, and of course, the usual cast of Starling City psychopaths.

Here are some highlights from this week's episode of "Arrow":

Enter The Clock King

William Tockman has no superhuman abilities other than his keen sense of time and timing. While he's only in the business for the sake of his invalid sister, Tockman has demonstrated his expert hacking abilities capable of destroying even the Arrow Cave technology. In the comic books, Clock King has made several appearances within the pages of Suicide Squad. What do you think the chances are that he'll be recruited for the "Arrow" equivalent?

Thea Knows

At the "Welcome Home" party for Sara Lance, Thea notices something weird going on between Oliver and Moira. How long can the two of them keep up this charade? Honestly, it's only a matter of time before Thea finds out the truth about her father, but how will she react?

Lance Family Reunion

With Sara back from the dead, Detective Lance decides it a good idea to throw a family dinner, for old time's sake, at Laurel's place. However, things quickly fall to pieces as Dinah reveals that she has another family and Laurel deduces that Oliver and Sara have begun seeing each other again. Looks like the Lances are still a ways away from being one big, happy family.

Oliver And Laurel Break Up Again

As Laurel storms out of her own apartment, Oliver chases after her only to tell her that he refuses to chase after her anymore. Up until recently, Laurel has been Oliver's prime motivator for seeking justice. How will this break up effect Oliver's moral choices and when will Laurel quit all the boozing?

Sins Of The Father

In the flashback portion of this week's episode, it's revealed that Sin is the daughter of a pilot who died in Sara's arms during her time on the island. Who is this mysterious man? How exactly did Sara and Sin meet for the first time?

Slade Wilson IRL

At the very end of "Time of Death," we see the first present day confrontation between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson. While Slade was at the Queen household on supposed business with Moira, it's clear that he has ulterior motives. What does Slade really want from Oliver? You know, other than to drive an arrow through his eye socket in an act of bloody vengeance.