This Beyonce Soundboardt Can Make You A Queen, Too

Bey's every catchphrase is now at at your beck and call.

By now, you've probably spent an unhealthy amount of time on Soundboardt. If you haven't you should: A soundboard that puts all of Beyonce's sassy, sexy catchphrases at your beck and call, it's everything you need to bring Queen Bey's sass into your everyday life.

Here's how.

For The Best Prank Call Ever

Can you imagine hearing "Say heeyyy Miss Carter" when you answer the phone? So can we.

As Your Morning Pump-Up

Just keep "I woke up like this" on loop while you're (ironically) putting on your makeup. Keep hitting "Flawless." Walk out the door like royalty.

For A Soundtrack To Your Strip-Tease

With "This Ass" and "Naked" sound bites, you're set.

To Win Any Fight Ever

Whether it's a yelling fight ("Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn!") or more of a begging ("No, no, no, no"), with Bey, you can win any fight ever.