50 Cent Wastes No Time Dropping Post-Shady Single

'Funeral' drops just one day after leaving his label.

50 Cent doesn't waste any time, does he? Just yesterday, the G-Unit general announced his split from Shady, Aftermath and Interscope Records, and already, Fif has a new single and music video to promote his upcoming Animal Ambition album.

50 released "Funeral" on Friday (February 21), breaking down the emotional roller coaster of a murder with a the single and its video. "Flowers, funeral service, a kid's in a coffin/ It sounds so familiar, don't it happen so often," Fif begins his rap with a dark flow.

The rapper runs down a story which begins with a shoot-out in front of a non-descript New York corner store. "In her eyes, he was mommy's little baby/ But he was outside talkin' to n---as crazy," 50 raps in an attempt to offer some reasoning as to why he had to put a hit out on his now deceased enemy.

"In a room full of people here to play their respect/ I just came to get a close look at the n---a to check," he continues.

The track isn't necessarily for radio; there is no catchy hook, just war drums and a brooding melody produced by Jake One. The video, which was directed by 50's longtime collaborator Eif Rivera, is the perfect cinematic accompaniment. Though there are no recognizable Hollywood actors, tear-filled extras fill the funeral home, acting out every line of the rapper's rhymes.

Fans expecting "In da Club" will get something closer to 50's pre-Interscope mixtape days, though it is unclear how the rest of Animal Ambition will play out when it's released on June 3.

Fif spoke with Forbes.com about his split from Shady/Aftermath/Interscope and his new label deal with Capitol Music Group, which is said to be comparable to the deal Cash Money has with Universal. "It's freedom to invest in your own ideas," 50 said. "If ever I had a horse that I was betting on at the track, I'd like to be the horse. Let it be me, goddammit, because I'm going to run as hard as I can."