Rick Ross And Jeezy Hug It Out In 'War Ready' Video: Go Behind The Scenes

What beef? Rozay and the Snowman leave it all behind them on the set of 'War Ready.'

Hearing former rap foes Rick Ross and Jeezy on the same track is one thing, but seeing them slap each other five and exchange pleasantries takes their new peace treaty to a whole other level.

On Thursday (February 20) Ross released a behind the scenes clip from the pair's upcoming "War Ready" music video.

"What's happening my G? What it do," Jeezy asks, greeting Ross with a hearty handshake in the BTS piece that premiered on WorldStarHipHop.com. "My n---a we here, 'War Ready.' "

The two shot the video on Saturday in New Orleans, while the sports world was celebrating NBA All-Star Weekend. It's hard to tell if the finished product will follow a particular story line, but there appears to be plenty of action. Set in what looks to be an abandoned factory, the one-time rap foes mug it up for the camera as they spit their rhymes. Aside from performance shots there's an extra on set firing a machine gun to help further drive home the song's war theme. Then of course, there is the obligatory DJ Khaled cameo.

The song is the latest single from Ross' upcoming sixth solo LP Mastermind and marks the end of a lengthy feud between the MMG boss and the CTE CEO. The two even got into a scuffle at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, but it looks that any bad blood between them has been cleaned up.

"The mark of a powerful man is not only his ability to make war, but to also make peace," Ross told MTV News in a statement released on February 7, the same day he released the song. "That's why it was nothing for me and Jeezy to work out whatever past differences and get back in the booth to make history. This album is a celebration of the Mastermind, which reflects my music as an artist and my business ventures as a boss. We did this not only for ourselves, but for hip hop."