Watch The Latest '22 Jump Street' Trailer: 'We're Like Rihanna And Chris Brown'

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back, and their bond is stronger than ever.

Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship may be complicated, but "21 Jump Street" underachieving cop duo Jenko and Schmidt — can we call them Schmenko? — are definitely, undeniably an item again.

That's right: Even though Nick Offerman's Deputy Chief Hardy "hoped never to see you again," Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill proudly proclaim "we're back" in the latest trailer for "22 Jump Street." And not only are they back — their relationship is stronger than ever.

"We're like a power couple," Jenko (Tatum) says, while Schmidt (Hill) takes it one step further. "We're like Rihanna and Chris Brown. You're a good dancer and sometimes you're meaner than I'd like you to be."

This time around, on top of being relocated to 22 Jump Street, they have a new mission: In the words of Ice Cube's Captain Dickson, "You sons of bitches are going to college." Like in the 2012 comedy, the two are tasked with tracking down a new drug, but since they've left high school for higher education, there's all sorts of new challenges that await them.

Hill told us last month that self awareness lies at the heart of "22 Jump Street" — " Sequels and second missions are always worse and more expensive than first missions, so we are taking really hard shots at ourselves," he said — and that's on full display in the latest trailer.

"Ladies, nobody cared about the jump street reboot, but you got lucky," Hardy tells the guys at the opening of the clip. "So now this department has invested a lot of money to make sure Jump Street keeps going."

"22 Jump Street" hits theaters on June 13.