Watch Jimmy Fallon And Will Smith Crank Through 'The Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dancing'

Fallon says all that hammer dancing and pop and locking almost killed him.

It's going to take some time to catch up to the 17 million views for the First Lady-assisted "Evolution of Mom Dancing" from his old show. But Jimmy Fallon hoisted up another comedic three-pointer on Monday night during his "Tonight Show" debut thanks to first guest Will Smith.

The movie star, who came back later to offer Fallon a warning for dealing with the pressure ("People are coming for you ... 'The Tonight Show' is big and it's historic, but people are coming for your heart") suited up in his "Fresh Prince" best for the debut of a new skit, "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing."

Wearing matching Timberland boots, denim overalls with one side undone and crazy quilt t-shirts, the pair raced through a set of moves both classic and, well, totally made up.

With house band the Roots providing the soundtrack, Jimmy and Will hit the Cabbage Patch, the Running Man, Robot, Pop and Lock, did the Wop and the ankle-smacking Kid 'N Play. They also got down with the Biz, the hand-waving Hey Ho and shuffled side-to-side for the MC Hammer dance.

There was, of course, the Humpty Dance and the Spank That, which Smith got a bit too excited about. They brushed the Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Made it Rain and Cranked That before going out on the Stanky Legg, the Dougie and, of course, the Carlton.

In between, the duo blazed a trail with some less-known moves, including the Steal the Face, followed by the And Swallow It and Throw It Back Up, as well as the preparatory I'm About To Break Dance. Admitting defeat, they tried to do the Leg Thing No One Can Do, but failed to hold on to one foot while hopping over it.

In an homage to the Beastie Boys, the Roots busted into "So Watcha Want" and Jimmy and Will mugged for the camera while doing the Fish Eye. And because not everyone is a baller, after they made it rain, they had to do the walk-back of shame, the Picking Up The Money Because That's All You Had.

It was all fun and games until the end, when Fallon started twerking, badly, and Smith walked away in mock disgust. Later on, Fallon admitted to Smith that rehearsals for the bit were exhausting and that he was worried about having to grab oxygen half-way through just to finish.

"I was breathing heavily," Fallon said of the earlier run-throughs. "I was concerned, I was concerned," Smith recalled. "At one point," Fallon laughed. "I go, 'this is how I die ... that's it, hip-hop dancing with Will Smith."