Odd Future Missing Eminem Concert Thanks To New Zealand Visa Ban

Tyler, the Creator and his crew denied entry into New Zealand, just days ahead of Eminem show.

Odd Future's old antics are coming back to haunt them this week. The LA-based collective have been denied entry into New Zealand, meaning they won't be able to hit the stage with Eminem for an upcoming concert in the city of Auckland.

AP reports that on Thursday, New Zealand immigration officials banned Odd Future from entering the country for safety reasons. They cited a 2011 autograph signing in Boston, where OF fans came out in droves, climbing rooftops and yelling at officers. Authorities interpreted this as OF encouraging fans to clash with the police.

Six visas were declined and Border Operations Manager, Karen Urwin, explained that they considered the matter seriously before making a final ruling. "It's not a decision we take lightly and not one that happens often," she said.

Urwin added that one member of the crew also tweeted about a woman who campaigned to have them banned from New Zealand, and she later received threats from their fans.

"Odd Future has been deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest for several reasons, including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence," an official statement from New Zealand's immigration authorities read.

The rappers were scheduled to perform at the Rapture 2014 concert along with Eminem, J.Cole, Action Bronson and more on Saturday, but they're not losing any sleep over it.

"They said we were 'terrorist threats and bad for the society' or whatever. Sick. They are anti golf." Tyler, the Creator tweeted Thursday, later adding, I love NZ tho."