What Surprises Are Imagine Dragons Planning For 'Into The Night' Tour?

Imagine Dragons going big on their 'final tour,' and we've got the details.

Last year, Imagine Dragons joked that their Into The Night tour — meant as one final victory lap for their breakout Night Visions debut — was so far away that it almost seemed like an impossibility ... a metaphorical finish line they never thought they'd reach.

"This is the part of the race where the marathon runner starts having the physical breakdown at the end," bassist Ben McKee added. "[Your] body's failing, collapsing in a pile of twitching limbs."

Well, somehow, they made it. Into The Night kicks off Saturday in Boise, Idaho, and despite those twitching, tired limbs, the Dragons are still working on making their last run of shows their best.

"We've really changed everything, in a lot of ways, for this final tour, because there are probably quite a few people who have seen us on previous runs of this tour, so we wanted to bring something fresh for them ... and also for us," frontman Dan Reynolds told MTV News. "We've played these songs a lot of times now over the past two years, so we are going to be playing some different songs [on this tour]; the setup's all different, electronically there are things going on that are different.

"It's a much bigger scale," he added. "We've never played arenas, so it's a different realm for us."

Of course, Reynolds wouldn't reveal what he meant by "different songs" — McKee would only go so far as calling them "songs we have never played live before" — but, from the sound of things, fans can expect a few covers to be worked into the set.

And while Imagine Dragons have been doing covers for years now (one of their earliest gigs was a six-hour show at a Las Vegas casino where they worked in plenty of other people's songs), they're truly pulling out all the stops for Into The Night, going for the cover to end all covers.

What's the song? Hey, you're just gonna have to come out to a show to find out.

"We are working on a cover that I'm pretty stoked about. We did, like, 100 covers back in the day, but this one in particular is taking quite a bit of work, it's like the king cover, so I'm not going to reveal it, just in case we have to abandon it!" Reynolds laughed. "It's taken quite a few sound checks. It's something very proggy, pretty difficult to play, but that's what makes it fun."