Macklemore From A Different Universe? Imagine Dragons Address Latest Internet Dis

Breakout band aren't mad about Macklemore comparison ... after all, he's a 'good-looking guy.'

Imagine Dragons are aware there's been plenty of bad stuff written about them on the Internet ... so being compared to Macklemore is essentially a compliment at this point.

To bring you up to speed: Earlier this week, following their appearance on "Saturday Night Live," a writer for sports site SB Nation posted a photo of the Dragons and host Melissa McCarthy, complete with a caption that read "Holy sh--, every person in Imagine Dragons is just a Macklemore from a different universe."

Of course, in the days since, that photo has been retweeted nearly 4,000 times. And while that may bother certain bands, Imagine Dragons just laughed it off. In fact, they're kind of honored by the comparison.

"That's pretty hilarious ... I guess I'm a ginger a little bit, he's kind of ginger-y. I'm really a blonde, but, no I can see it, in my hair. I have close-cropped hair," frontman Dan Reynolds said. "It's kind of like one of those things where you wear a red shirt and people are like 'Oh, so now you're wearing a red shirt like what's his name?' and you're like 'No, he doesn't wear the red shirt, alright?' I've been cutting my hair like this since I was in middle school!'

"But I'll take it, Macklemore's a good-looking guy, he's better looking than me," he continued. "[Bassist] Ben [McKee]'s taking it and running with it. That's how he's going to introduce himself to girls from now on: 'Everybody says I look like Macklemore, you want to go for drinks?'"

McKee nodded in agreement, and guitarist Wayne Sermon was quick to seize the momentum and take the comparison to the next logical level: claiming he had cornered the market on long, flowing locks.

"I do own long hair now," he said.

"Yeah, what's up with Dave Grohl stealing your hairstyle?" Reynolds laughed. "How old were you when Dave Grohl had that hairstyle?"