#TBT Super Bowl Edition: Steven Tyler Terrifies 'NSYNC

Boy band and Mary J. Blige warm up with a little 'Walk This Way' before the big game in 2001.

Like the Grammys, the Super Bowl loves a mash-up. Case in point: this year's halftime show will pair Bruno Mars with his obvious SoCal musical brethren the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

If you think that combo is bananas, join us as we climb into the Throwback Thursday machine and look back at the 2001 halftime performance roster, which paired a crazed rock life with the world's biggest boy band and a soul diva.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the WTF as Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler tries to harmonize with a flame-haired Mary J. Blige while the members of 'NSYNC look on with a mixture of confusion, fear and panic. Where do their silky smooth voices and Hypercolor jerseys and frosted tips fit into the mix with Tyler's raspy yelp and Blige's inimitable pipes and yellow fur coat?

Grab some seven-layer dip and enjoy!