Chris Brown's X? Could Be 'Hood, Rap And Pop, Songwriter Reveals

Songwriter Eric Bellinger compares Chris Brown's ability to change with the times to Michael Jackson.

Chris Brown was supposed to have one of 2013's most buzzed-about albums, but the year came and went without a release date for Breezy's sixth solo LP.

Already X has spawned a number of popular singles like "Fine China," "Don't Think They Know" with Aaliyah and "Love More" with Nicki Minaj, setting Chris up for a major 2014 release. It's all enough to get singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger excited.

"I feel like Chris is dope because he's really, really versatile," he told MTV News earlier this month. "And he's just growing a fan base to where his sound could be international, it could be 'hood, it could be pop, it could be R&B, it could be rap; so it's definitely a bunch of different sounds... he's been perfecting them."

Bellinger is getting set to release his first retail project, The ReBirth, on February 11. On current single "I Don't Want Her," Eric sings about how he enjoys it when another guy stares at his lady, saying "if they ain't lookin' I don't want her."

Aside from his own records, Bellinger has been working closely with Chris Brown, helping to pen records for X.If you don't know his name, you surely know his work. "I definitely did a lot of work with Chris on X. For example, 'Fine China,' 'Love More' with Nicki Minaj and then I got another song on there called 'Add Me In,'" he revealed.

What impresses Bellinger most is Brown's ability to switch his sound from R&B to pop and then hip-hop, yet still remain true to himself. "You know how Michael Jackson used to just kind of change with the time," EB said, setting up the comparison that has followed Brown throughout his entire career. "He's all over the board, but he really nails it every time."