New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Photos: What Do They Reveal?

Peter Parker webs up a bad guy and prepares to reveal himself as Spider-Man in new stills from Sony's super-sequel.

In just a few short months, Andrew Garfield returns to spin a few more webs as Peter Parker in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Directed once again by Marc Webb, the newest installment in the live-action "Spider-Man" film series (the second film in the "Amazing" sequence and fifth "Spider-Man" movie overall) promises to put Parker on the path of the electrically-charged Max "Electro" Dillon, and old friend turned nemesis Harry "Green Goblin" Osborn.

Of course, there's another villain in the "Amazing Spider-Man" mix as well: Aleksei "The Rhino" Sytsevich, played by veteran actor Paul Giamatti. The "Downton Abbey" season four star (yes, Giamatti in "Downton" is indeed a thing, look it up if you need to) is said to have a small but fun role in the opening portion of the "Amazing" sequel, battling Spider-Man before Electro ever bursts onto the scene.

Today, we have some further proof about the size of Giamatti's role thanks to new "Amazing Spider-Man 2" photos released by Total Film. One photo shows a fully costumed Spider-Man nonchalantly walking away from a webbed up Systsevich, presumably at the end of their battle, presumably quite early on in the movie. In the photo, Spidey doesn't even bother glancing back at Systevich as he walks away. You can almost hear "Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions" blaring in Spidey's iPod.

But the hint at the Rhino's involvement in "Amazing Spider-Man 2" isn't the only big reveal from the photos. There are some interesting shots of Electro and Harry Osborn as well, one that even puts the two of them in the same space. In a still where Jamie Foxx's Electro lies on a table, strapped in by some intricate metal harness, there's an over-the-shoulder look at a man who appears to be Dane DeHaan's Harry, judging by the hairline. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Oscorp heir has involvement with Electro, thanks to his own eventual transformation as Green Goblin, but the photo makes it look like Harry could have a role in creating Electro, or at least keeping him powered up.

Harry's actions aren't likely to go unpunished, however, as yet another photo shows him in an apartment with Spider-Man. Not with Parker — with the actual Spider-Man, costume and all. The shot is reminiscent of the scene from Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 2" where James Franco's Harry Osborn learns that Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man. Is the construction of the photo just a little bit of fan-service, or will history repeat itself in the "Amazing" sequel?

With all the attention on Spider-Man and his villains, it's easy for Gwen Stacy to get lost in the shuffle — but that would be a grave mistake. Emma Stone's character appears on her own in one shot, crouched on a rusty gear and looking up at something we can't see — something horrifying, judging by the look on her face. Given the rumors surrounding Gwen's fate (hardly unwarranted given her fate in the comics), the latest photo only gives us more pause about where her story is headed next.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" swings into theaters on May 2, 2014.