13 Times Harry Connick Jr. Stole The 'American Idol' Spotlight

Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban have their work cut out for them this season.

"American Idol" is back with a few new shakeups this year, including rookie judge Harry Connick Jr. During Wednesday's (January 15) season 13 premiere, the 46-year-old stole the spotlight with his quick quips and constructive criticism.

Returning judge Jennifer Lopez needs no invitation to make her presence known, but where Keith Urban struggled to escape from the shadow of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's near-constant bickering in season 12, this year he's front and center with Connick. It didn't take the full two hours to see this bromance brewing, and we like it.

"I don't know what kind of judge I'm going to be other than to say I have to be honest," Connick said during Wednesday's premiere. "To send somebody out of the room crying is a terrible feeling, but if it's the right thing to say, I think you have to say it."

Turns out, Connick is both honest and pretty darn funny when it comes to judging — even when contestants are calling him "Harsh Harry." In honor of (un)lucky season 13, we present to you 13 of Connick's best quotes of the night.

1."He is a long shot, but it just might twerk!"

2."Jen, I am impressed by the rocks that you got."

3."You can't just go out there and shake it. You need to know your s--t."

4.To a contestant's nervous mother, rocking back and forth: "She's already good enough to be a backup dancer. Just that move alone, you got the gig with me. So if nothing else works out..."

5.Urban: "What did you do last night?" Connick: "I went to the bar and got drunk because nobody knew who I was."

6.Contestant: "I've never been this close to celebrities before." Connick: "Neither have I."

7.To a Patriots cheerleader: "I almost wore that exact same outfit."

8."Don't argue with me Jennifer. Jennifer, I will slap you on national television."

9."I just said no to four cheerleaders. If I had that chance in high school..."

10."You do know who I am, right? ... No, I am Chris Isaak."

11."You know how you know you're a superstar? When they call you by both names. Isn't that right, Keith Urban?"

12.Criticizing Keith Urban: "Well, you are Australian."

13.To a contestant: "You blow us away on the first song, I'd like to pick you up and hold you like a baby on the second."