Rosario Dawson Says 'Hell Yeah' To A 'He Got Game' Sequel

The actress could be stepping back into Lala Bonilla's shoes.

The last time we saw Lala Bonilla, things weren't looking so good for her relationship with Jesus Shuttlesworth.

No matter — Rosario Dawson thinks that Lala should definitely return for a sequel to Spike Lee's 1998 basketball drama "He Got Game." In fact, she's really into the idea.

"Hell yeah!" Dawson told MTV News when we asked if Lala could be involved in a follow-up. "That'd be so fun."

Ray Allen, the NBA star behind Jesus Shuttleworth, revealed last summer that he and Lee were discussing the possibility of a sequel. Just last week, the Miami Heat guard told ESPN that, "it's something we've been talking about for the last couple months. If we get a really good storyline and are able to bring everybody back, then it would be something worth doing."

No word yet on Denzel Washington, who played Jesus' estranged father Jake, but Dawson is ready to play.

"I've been talking to Ray and Spike," she told MTV News on Tuesday (January 14), adding with a sly smile, "so yeah, that could be very interesting."

"He Got Game" followed Allen's Jesus and Washington's Jake as the high school basketball star is pursued by top colleges around the country, while his father's motivations are less than pure. Dawson played Jesus' girlfriend, who is later revealed to have impure motives of her own.

Dawson is currently promoting her latest drama, "Gimme Shelter," in which she stars as a poverty-stricken and drug-addicted mother to Vanessa Hudgens. Brendan Fraser, Ann Dowd and James Earl Jones also star in the film, which hits theaters on January 24.