Pusha T Confirms Clipse Album Coming With The Neptunes

Pusha T confirms that January studio sessions with The Neptunes will result in long awaited Clipse album.

It seems like Pusha T really opened the floodgates with the release of his solo album My Name is My Name in October, because not only is he already planning the follow-up with King Push, but he also confirms that Clipse is finally back in the studio with The Neptunes. Yes, you read that correctly, a Clipse album is officially coming.

In late December, Pusha revealed that he'd be heading into the studio with Pharrell and Chad Hugo on January 2 to begin recording King Push, and like clockwork he posted Instagram photos proving that those sessions were underway, on schedule.

But, on Monday night (January 6) Karen Civil broke news that Pusha and his brother No Malice were actually in the studio with the Neptunes recording an independent Clipse album, not Push's solo project. The Virginia rapper confirmed that news by tweeting a link to the article from his own Facebook page.

The project, tentatively titled As God as My Witness, will be the duo's first joint album since 2009's Til the Casket Drops. Early last year, Pusha T revealed the title to MTV News, noting that he would take it very seriously when the time came around.

"When it comes to the Clipse, that's a special brand to me. Me and Malice talk about doing a Clipse album," Push said. "I'm not into toyin' around with that, like just dropping records that ain't related to an album. We owe our fans something super special, so when it's time to do that, we just gonna zone in and focus in on that."

Just a few months later, Pharrell assured MTV News that a Clipse album was coming, adding that he would definitely be involved in the production like old times.

"I'm gonna have to find an untapped zone and just present something different that people haven't felt before," Skateboard P said. "I don't know what the sounds would sound like, or what the vibes would be, but at that moment the arrow will present itself to me and I'll just listen and follow it."

"They're just really talented guys and I've just been really fortunate to be able to work with them over all of these years and just watch them grow into not only the path that we set together but their own individual paths as well," he added.

Pharrell was an integral part of the Clipse's early career, producing Exclusive Audio Footage and signing them to Star Trak Entertainment for the release of Lord Willin'. What magic will they make together this time? Stay tuned.