'Vampire Academy' Exclusive Clip: Lissa's Baby Has Herpes

Well, maybe that's just a rumor.

High school sucks. If we didn't already know that firsthand ourselves, we'd have learned it from the neon-hued posters for the upcoming movie "Vampire Academy."

Starring Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry as BFFs/bodyguard and royal protectee, "Vampire Academy" seeks out a different kind of teen vampire story. Step aside, Bella and Edward, there's a new, sassy breed of bloodsucker in town. Rose (Deutch) is half-vampire, half-mortal, all devoted to protecting Lissa (Fry), who is of royal vampiric blood. This protection, as you're about to see, extends to bratty classmates (one named Mia Rinaldi, played by Sami Gayle) at St. Vladimir's Academy, where the two go to school.

As if the movie's first trailer didn't already have us excited enough, MTV News is happy to debut a brand-new clip from the movie.

Take a trip back to high school, where unoriginal puns on names stand in for insults ("Why are you Dragomirs such drags?"), boy drama abounds and there will always be a breathless wannabe trying to tear others down with gossip. One thing that seems to be different at a school for vampires: what constitutes the "high road." Oh, and it's likely that none of your classmates claimed to have "water magic" they could use against you. There's that too.

Check out the clip above.

"Vampire Academy," starring Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry, hits theaters February 14, 2014.