Kanye West Resolves To Stop 'Talking Sh--' In 2014

Yeezy vows never to mention Nike or the Grammys again.

As 2013 draws to a rapid close — tomorrow night! (December 31) — we're all apt to make sweeping promises to do better this coming year. Gym memberships, kicked habits, an end to poor romantic choices — you name it, someone has resolved it. Well, Kanye West recently made a new year's resolution that we would all do well to add to our list of flimsy promises: He's going to stop "talking sh--."

During his last Yeezus date in Toronto, 'Ye took the stage to deliver one of his famous stream-of-consciousness speeches — you know, the ones in which he has, in the past, railed against the fashion world, Bruno Mars, the Grammys, etc.

At the start of the stream, Kanye pulled out some tried-and-true gripes about fashion and the Grammys, telling fans that they are his family and he is "your crazy-ass cousin that turns up at reunions ... But you need somebody like that in your family all the time."

However, unlike your actual crazy-ass cousin, Kanye decided to make a change with regards to his attitude right there onstage. "Everything I'm saying that's not allowed, soak it in right now," he said, "This might be the last time y'all hear me talk sh-- for a long time. Might be another, like, six months. At least. You're just gonna have to run back the interviews and sh-- if you wanna hear some realness."

He also promised never to bring up the Grammys (which he has spoken out against for his scanty nominations for Yeezus) or Nike (with whom he recently ended his deal) ever again.

"I've been actually really reflective about the opportunities and the blessings that I had in my life," he said. "And, actually, I'm going to tell y'all right now that all of the ideas, the things that they call 'rants,' the streams of consciousness, all that that I express, I told you all: Save those tapes and everything.

"So I'm letting you all know that this is the last Yeezus show," he added, "and this is the last time you'll ever hear me say [anything] negative about anyone."

Well, if Yeezy can do it ...