Kevin Costner Is 'Out Of His Mind' In 'Draft Day' Trailer: Watch Now

Jennifer Garner also stars in the football film, due out April 11.

The Cleveland Browns may be out of contention for this year's playoffs, but the NFL team received a bit of a Christmas boost with the release of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" trailer.

Kevin Costner plays Browns general manager Sonny Weaver in the film, which follows the team's top brass as they prep for the all-important draft day. After trading for the number one draft pick, Sonny must decide what he's willing to sacrifice in the name of Cleveland football on one life-changing day. Is Sonny "out of his mind" in the film? "Yeah, I am," quips Costner. "Haven't I proved that already?"

Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, Frank Langella, Sam Elliot, Sean Combs and Terry Crews also star alongside Ellen Burstyn and "42" actor Chadwick Boseman.

"No Strings Attached" and "Kindergarten Cop" director Ivan Reitman helms the football film, due out on April 11.

As the Browns prep to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, ESPN highlighted the team and its "long-term building plan" on Thursday. "They have exceptional resources at their disposal for the offseason, including a wealth of draft picks and salary cap space," the article states.

Art imitating life, or vice versa?

Part of the filming took place last April at Radio City Music Hall during the real NFL Draft and as it turns out, co-writer Rajiv Joseph is a major Browns fan.

"It's a movie that takes place in one day," Joseph said in an interview with Cleveland's Plain Dealer. "It's about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. His professional and personal lives collide on the day of the NFL draft. He has these draft picks and he's trying to save his team, which is going down the drain. Not a big stretch for many Browns fans."