'Wolf Of Wall Street': These Tweeters Took Their Families ... Oops

The best tweets from the worst Christmas moviegoing decisions.

Christmas is all about love, family, and innocence, so what better way to spend it than by seeing Martin Scorsese's very explicit new film "The Wolf of Wall Street?" Almost any other way, actually.

The movie, starring Leonardo Dicaprio as a rich sex and drug-crazed stockbroker, opened nationwide on Christmas, and some people made the very unfortunate mistake of thinking it was a great Christmas movie for the whole family.

Kids took to Twitter for some initial therapy, and to issue warnings to others who might otherwise have had the same lapse in judgment. Here are some of our favorites:

We don't know why you won't just take Monomollie's word for it, guys. Straight up, it is NOT a family movie.

This wins the award for "best two hashtags ever."

That's right, kids. Only watch people do Quaaludes with a close friend, not your parents. Four out of five doctors agree.

This is a warning to parents: if you DO take kids to "Wolf of Wall Street," you're not just getting stank looks. You're getting the STANKIEST looks. Don't do it, guys.

It was too late for Daniel. Everyone on Twitter warned him, but he did it anyway. At least he'll have good material for his therapist.

You're really still considering going? Well, Erin has a helpful guide for parents of what to expect if you do. 506 "F" words, and 21 used with mother? That just seems like lazy writing.

Asia was so scarred by the film that she didn't even realize that she left before seeing the third hour! We can't imagine what her Tweet would have been had she stayed.

Tom unfortunately doesn't warn the many non-Jews who also go to the movies Christmas day. Based on the above Tweets, they could have used his warning, too.

We imagine Lauren walked out when her parents started talking about how unrealistic the coke-binging orgies were.

This is unfair! In the movie, there is plenty of white powder that piles up.

See? The movie's actually a really good parenting tool. Thanks, Uncle Marty!