Christmas Birthday Got You Down? You're In Good Celeb Company

Birthday greetings and gift ideas for celebs who turn a year older next week

If you were born on or around December 25th, you know the particular pains of trying to celebrate a birthday too close to Christmas. Parties that nobody attends because they're busy with their families. Presents wrapped like an afterthought in leftover reindeer paper. The cake you never eat because everyone's too burned out from holiday baking.

It's enough to make even the most festive celebrant go into full-on Grinch Mode. And even the rich and famous, for all their privileges, know just how it feels to have the baby Jesus steal your birthday thunder every dang year. So before we do a faceplant into a vat of figgy pudding, let's take a moment to honor these celebs, all born during the week of Christmas, who deserve to have a very happy birthday indeed.

Jordin Sparks, December 22

The songstress and American Idol winner turns 24 next week. And since she so prettily requested peace on earth in her new holiday single, "This Is My Wish," we're going to do our part to make it happen this Christmas, by pretending we just didn't hear grandpa tell that slightly racist joke.

Louis Tomlinson, December 24

The oh-so-crushable One Direction member will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on Christmas Eve. Happy birthday, Louis! We got you a gaggle of screaming girls to follow you everywhere you go. (Yes, we know, you already have one -- but you can never have too many.)

Kit Harington, December 26

"Game of Thrones" actor Harington will be 27 this year. Our gift to him? An encyclopedia. Seems a little weird, but it'll be useful; we keep hearing this rumor from north of the Wall that this dude actually knows nothing.

Beth Behrs, December 26

The beautiful blonde from "2 Broke Girls" is celebrating her 28th birthday next week. Here's hoping the next year brings her at least a half dozen more scripted makeouts with Gilles Marini... Which is more like a gift for us, but whatever.

Emilie de Ravin, December 27

She still looks like a fresh-faced teenager, but Emilie will be celebrating 32 years on the planet next week. An animal lover who's devoted many of her pre-holiday tweets to raising awareness for PETA and other organizations, Emilie seems like the kind of sweet, sensitive person who would actually appreciate a gift to charity instead of getting presents herself.

Joe Manganiello, December 28

The most smoldering, schmexy werewolf in Bon Temps is turning 37 this year, and his gift is almost ready. We've just gotta figure out how best to artfully wrap ourselves into a large gift box, and then leave ourselves on his doorstep.