Christian Bale Teaches Us How To Style The Ultimate Combover

The 'American Hustle' stars share their favorite '70s fashion with MTV News.

If you're looking to learn a new skill, it's only logical to go to the master of that particular craft for advice. So, naturally, when we were curious about how to style the ultimate combover, we sought out Christian Bale for advice.

Bale himself doesn't have a thinning hair problem, but he's familiar with the travails of the balding after his role in the upcoming movie "American Hustle." He plays Irving Rosenfeld, a con artist who sports, as it's referred to in the movie, an "elaborate combover."

Luckily, Bale was all too willing to walk MTV News through the process, including the instruction to "take someone else's hair and jam it on top of your head" and hope you've got "a little island" of hair left in front to complete the look.

Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper, who co-star in the film, also shared their favorite '70s fashions. Cooper, who rocks a Timberlake-esque crop of tight curls in the movie, and is shown with a full head of tiny rollers in, said that though the actual process of getting the 'do done was no fun ("I never tried it at home, and don't you either, kids") he didn't much mind the look itself.

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For Adams' part, she said she hoped the leg-elongating styles of the decade would come back en vogue.

"I really love a high-waisted bell bottom or wide-leg jean with a wedge," she said. "I can't get enough of that."

Bale called the era "almost like Halloween for a decade," and we can't help but agree with him, judging from the movie's over-the-top costuming.

"American Hustle" is in wide release Dec. 20.