Cocaine, Candles And Scorsese's Retirement: 5 Secrets About 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

Leonardo Dicaprio tells us exactly what the actors were snorting on set.

If you're excited for the latest Martin Scorsese movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street," prepare to get even more excited. At a press conference for the film over the weekend, Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio (who plays the titular wolf), Rob Reiner, Kyle Chandler and the film's producers dropped scintillating tidbits about making the movie.

From Marty's retirement to exactly what the actors were snuffing up their noses all the time, here are five things we learned from the "Wolf of Wall Street" press conference.

Scorsese Isn't Retiring Anytime Soon

Don't worry, cinephiles. Though the legendary director made comments last week that seemed to hint that he would retire soon, Scorsese succinctly brushed off the rumors.

"You'll have to stop me yourself," he said. "You'll have to just tackle me to stop me."

Leo Was Cool With Putting A Candle In His Butt In The Name Of Art

In one scene memorably nicknamed "the human candelabra" by one publication, DiCaprio's character puts a candle in a place where candles don't usually go. Remember when he was the King of the World? When asked about the scene, DiCaprio said he shed his own ego and embarrassment in service of the character.

"My attitude about doing this movie is we were trying to depict a modern day Caligula and all the debauchery that comes with it," he said. "So you detach yourself from your own individuality for the accurate portrayal of the character, and that's what we do, so all the stuff that came with it, you know, it was a fun process. There was really no limits to what we could do."

Scorsese laughingly defended the scene as well, even after admitting that "it's rather extreme."

"It's in the book!" he insisted.

Doing (Fake) Cocaine Is Good For You

The stockbrokers in the film hoover up cocaine like it's their job (which, arguably, it kind of is). Since the consumption of massive amounts of narcotics on movie sets is generally frowned upon, the filmmakers had to find a good workaround.

"It's baby vitamins," DiCaprio revealed.

"Yes, it helped them," Scorsese added.

"It was Vitamin B," DiCaprio said, before admitting that, sure, it helped in a way. "It certainly burned our nose and made us energized for the day. We did a lot of it."

Serious Actors Learn From Viral YouTube Videos

This is the stuff possible Best Actor nominations are made of. The very same goofy YouTube videos you get sucked into while trying to be productive actually are productive if you're Leonardo DiCaprio.

Audiences will surely go crazy over an extended sequence in which DiCaprio's character is hit by a wave of Quaaludes all at once and must figure out a way to get down a flight of stairs and drive his car less than a mile back to his house. Easier said than done, in this case. To get it right, DiCaprio turned not only to the source of the story itself ("I had [Belfort] rolling around on the floor for me. That was very helpful."), but to a certain video.

"A lot of the research that I did really came from watching this one video on loop," DiCaprio said. "It's called 'The Drunkest [Guy] in the World.' It's a man trying to get a beer, but his body doesn't quite [work]. That was a huge inspiration to me."

And, yes, that is the "Requiem for a Dream" music playing over it.

Rob Reiner Can Check This Off His Bucket List

Though he has lately worked more as a director than an actor, Reiner said that he didn't think twice when he was asked to play DiCaprio's character's father in this movie, saying that he took it to mean that "maybe I'm a lot more handsome than I think."

"I don't know why I was approached," Reiner said, "but I can tell you that when Martin Scorsese calls you to be in a movie, you just do it. You don't ask questions, you just do it. He's one of the greatest filmmakers of all time."

And for a guy who has more than 60 acting credits to his name, "The Wolf of Wall Street" still presented a unique opportunity.

"I got to say the F word in a Martin Scorsese picture, so that's always a good thing!"

The Wolf of Wall Street opens on Christmas Day.