Ron Burgundy And Robin Thicke's 'Ride Like The Wind' Puts Us In A Glass Case Of Emotion

The duo cover the Christopher Cross classic for 'Anchorman 2' soundtrack.

It might not be the Paul Rudd-produced Kanye album we were promised, but it's the next best thing: Ron Burgundy and Robin Thicke, together at last, on a rousing remake of Christopher Cross' "Ride Like The Wind."

Yes, the dynamic duo have just unveiled their collaboration — to be featured on the "Anchorman 2" soundtrack (in stores December 17, one day before the film hits theaters ) — and it's everything you'd expect it to be, and possibly more. After all, there's a Burgundy flute solo on there.

To be fair, Thicke does the majority of the heavy lifting, adding his velvety-smooth vocals to a slippery beat, while Burgundy, er, Will Ferrell — essentially provides the asides (at one point, Thicke sings "I was born the son of a lawless man," to which Burgundy asks "You mean Alan Thicke?") He also does a fair share of grunting and panting, asks the ladies listening at home if they "feel that draft up your skirt?" and admits he just smoked "a funny cigarette" with "this Robin Thicke guy."

Oh, and then Burgundy unleashes that flute — or, as he calls it, "three feet of polished nickel, valves and my sweet breath" — for a solo that's bound to get somebody pregnant.

There are reports that Thicke and Burgundy plan on releasing a video for the song, though it may come down to a matter of scheduling to make it work (let's hope it doesn't go the way of that Ferrell/Kanye/Jay "Paris" video.)

The original "Ride Like the Wind" was the first single of Cross' Grammy-winning 1980 debut, and features none other than Michael McDonald on backing vocals. That version — and the brand-new Thicke/Burgundy duet — both appear on the "Anchorman 2" soundtrack, along with selections from Kenny Loggins, Captin & Tennille and Hot Chocolate.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits theaters on December 18.