'Amazing Spider-Man 2': All The Best Moments From The New Trailer

From Doctor Octopus, to an Avengers crossover?

The first trailer for next Summer's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" has finally hit online, and with it a web-full of exciting, blink-and-you-miss-it moments. Luckily, our Spidey-sense was running at full capacity, alerting us to all those exciting moments. Here's what had us jumping from the rooftops:

Drop It Like It's Hot: What exactly is Spider-Man falling out of here? A plane? A cloud? The moon? No, it's a plane, as we find out later in the trailer.

Secret Identity: The best way to preserve your secret identity? Sitting on the corner of a tall building without your costume.

Avengers Crossover? Despite Spider-Man being over at Sony, looks like Disney, owner of Marvel, managed to sneak its way into the trailer anyway.

Megazord Rhino: Our first really good look at Paul Giamatti in his robo-rhino suit.

Eyes Of The Goblin: And here's a close-up of Dane Dehaan's eye as the new Green Goblin.

Back Of The Goblin: Followed by a better look at the back of Harry Osborn, aka the Green Goblin.

Daily Bugle On Tumblr: Is this the first time a movie has advertised for the viral marketing that's advertising for the movie, in the movie itself?

Enter The Matrix: Paul Giamatti fires slo-mo bullets at Spider-Neo.

Watch Men: Looks like Peter's whole family has been under surveillance. Uh oh.

SubLab: Looks like this is Richard Parker's under-the-subway lab he used to get away from the evil Oscorp, as we find out shortly.

Mystery Man: First glimpsed in the mid-credits sequence from the first movie, this mystery man seems to work for Norman Osborn. But who is he? The next screengrab might have a clue.

Sinister Six: Yup, that's The Vulture's wings, and Doctor Octopus' arms. Both villains have traditionally been part of villain team The Sinister Six, teased for the next movie.

Watch Men 2: Looks like Electro is having a bit of a Dr. Manhattan moment.

Isn't Easy Being Green: Here's a look at the decidedly sick, decidedly green looking Norman Osborn, played by Chris Cooper.

Die-mes Square: Looks like Electro has it out for Times Square.

Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin: Harry and Peter start the movie as friends. By the end, it's Spider-Man versus Green Goblin.

Watch Men 3: Gwen gets trapped in a giant clock, maybe?

Who Needs The Fourth Wall? Electro tells the audience exactly what he wants: no more Spider-Man.

Gone In A Flash: And then there's the final fight, with Electro zapping around. How do you stop someone you can't even touch??? (Hint: water)

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hits theaters on May 2, 2014.