Kate Nash Spreads Christmas Angst For The 'F---ed Over'

The Girl Talk singer's Christmas jam is also set to score a skate video.

The holidays are all about love and family -- and, if you're solo, inevitably sinking into a deep pit of despair because you lack love and your family is keen to point that out. If the situation prior strikes close to home, take heart: Kate Nash has the holiday jam for you, and an upcoming video jam-packed with skate girl swagger.

Nash recently dropped her very first Christmas EP, Have Faith With Kate Nash This Christmas, and the standout track is, undoubtedly, the cheeky original jam, "I Hate You This Christmas."

"[It's for] anyone who has just been f---ed over by a boyfriend or girlfriend," Nash told MTV News, revealing that the song is based "roughly" on personal experience. "Christmas always makes you think of people that you've loved or do love or you're still in love with. It's a good Christmas anthem for people in that situation."

In the jam, Nash finds her best friend and her boyfriend, well, doing more than kissing under the mistletoe. Sample lyric? "Yeah it's Christmas once again, but you're f---in' one of my friends." Ouch.

"But then I think the song is so fun, too, that it actually does lift your spirits," Nash added.

The Girl Talk singer filmed the video for the boisterous yet bitter jam this week in her hometown of Harrow, London, with help from Skate Girls Production, a duo of female skaters — Sadie Osborne and Rosie Flaherty — who shot and edited the vid. Female punk band The Tuts also make an appearance in the video, as they contributed to the EP as well.

"We went down to Harrow skatepark," Nash said. "I know a professional skater, one of my friends, so he came down and did some tricks. Then we got a bunch of my fans who came down and we played the song and everybody went crazy. There's a good comedy element to it as well — it kind of tells the story of the song. It will get everyone definitely in a very festive mood."

Nash recently got into skating herself after hanging out with L.A. punk band and friends FIDLAR -- whose song "Cocaine" she covered this year.

"I've tried various times in my life and never succeeded," she said of the sport. "And then I've had a skateboarding lesson from my friend Josh [Ward-Brickett] who runs Skates and Ladders. Now I learned to skate and I can actually do it and it's really fun."

Skate Girls were only too happy to work with Nash, as their mission is to make skating more palatable to women — and a skate video featuring Kate Nash should do just that.

"We believe women need more skate videos because it is a easy way to get a message out there," the duo said in an email to MTV News. "If girls see girls skate then they can be like, 'Yeah man I wanna do that!' Spreading it out there more via video makes it more seen by the world and more and more common to see, therefore it would eliminate the stigma of girls skating."

While it might be a while before Nash actually skates in one of her videos — she's still a beginner — we could be seeing more Christmas jams from Nash, who is a big fan of the genre, soon.

"One day I'm going to release a full album of all Christmas originals," she said. "I think I'm building up to that now."