Is James Franco This Year's Oscar Surprise? He Thinks He Should Be

A new campaign supporting his 'Spring Breakers' role could mean a second nomination.

As 2013 winds down, awards campaigns for the year's best movies and performances ramp up, and among potential nominees lobbying for the honor, James Franco has to be one of our favorites.

A24, one of the companies responsible for bringing "Spring Breakers" into the world, have launched a full-fledged "For Your Consideration" campaign to get Best Supporting Actor nominations for Franco's role as the grill-wearing, gun-toting drug dealer, Alien.

A new video urges awards voters to "Consider This Sh--" and shares many of the accolades that Franco's performance earned during the movie's run this past spring.

When MTV News last spoke with Franco while he was promoting "Homefront," he modestly supported the effort to bring more attention to the Harmony Korine-directed film.

"I humbly think that [my performance] deserves [awards consideration]. I know people can't get beyond the teen façade of it, but it is one of the movies of the year," Franco said. "I would say that if I wasn't in it. I humbly think that the movie deserves a lot."

However, it's not enough to post a campaign video on YouTube, and to get to Oscar night, Franco will have to snag a nomination in a crowded field that includes favorites like Michael Fassbender and Jared Leto. "Fassbender is pretty awesome in '12 Years a Slave,' " Franco said of his competitors. "Jared Leto is amazing. I have some issues with ['Dallas Buyers Club']..."

But if Alien does make an appearance at the Academy Awards, might we suggest either the "Look at my sh--" scene or his tense conversation with Selena Gomez's character? Just watching those sequences by themselves, an Oscar nomination doesn't seem out of the question.