Afrojack Serves Up Some Serious Thanksgiving Jams: [Playlist]

MTV News asked the superstar producer/DJ to cook up a playlist for your gluttony, and he delivered.

Looking for some tunes to score Thursday's imminent gluttony? Well, lucky for you, MTV News has a list of Thanksgiving jams hand-picked by a mix-making pro: EDM superstar Afrojack.

The Dutch DJ/producer already proved his curating chops when he gave us a personal tour of his homebase of Amsterdam before the 2013 MTV EMA, so — despite not hailing from a country where Thanksgiving is actually celebrated — we'll totally hand the reigns of our celebration over to this dude.

Nick van de Wall's (you didn't think he real name was Afrojack, did you?) playlist is pretty damn eclectic at that. Prepare to gobble with your ears while gobbling with that other orifice.

"Wrecking Ball," Miley Cyrus

"This track is SO good! People everywhere can't get enough of it! It really needs a remix..."

"The Spark," Afrojack (featuring Spree Wilson)

"I didn't just choose this because it's mine; I really love the beat that this song has. I wanted it to make people happy when they heard it."

"Hey Brother," Avicii

"I like what Avicii has done with his new album; adding that country influence makes it unique."

"Booyah," Showtek (featuring We Are Loud and Sonny Wilson)

"I think this was definitely THE track of Summer 2013 and, to me, it represents Tomorrowland Festival, too!" (Ed. Note: Original version is not on Spotify.)

"Safe and Sound," Capital Cities

"I love Capital Cities' sound and their vocals are great."

"Bound 2," Kanye West

"AWESOME TRACK. That's all I can say."

"Young and Beautiful," Lana Del Rey

"Lana del Rey is extremely talented and has a beautiful voice. Every track she makes is beautiful, but right now this is my favorite."

"Tom Ford," Jay Z

"Every time this track is played, the club goes crazy; it's got an awesome beat for clubbin'. Plus, I love Tom Ford!