James Franco Dishes On Why He Tweaked Sylvester Stallone's 'Homefront' Script

Franco tells MTV News that the main villain needed a bit more substance.

If James Franco is going to play a bad guy, he wants to at least make it a villain that doesn't just twirl his moustache, or in the case of "Spring Breakers," his cornrows. That's why for "Homefront," the new movie in which he plays a meth dealer named Gator, Franco and director Gary Flede made some adjustments to Sylvester Stallone's script.

As the actor explained to MTV News, Stallone crafted a well-structured story, but its main villain needed a little more substance.

"[Stallone] has written many different kinds of movies, and I do like Sly," Franco said. "I'll say this: He's been in movies for decades. He truly understands, from decades of experience, how to structure a certain kind of movie, usually a heroic kind of arc. It's nice to be within that structure, to work on a project that is well-built like that."

What Franco wanted to add was a more dimensional Gator, who had his own reasons for doing what he does.

"I saw that my character in the first draft I read was doing all of the things that I ended up doing in the movie, but the motivation for doing those things was a little thin," he said. "He was the villain just because we needed a villain, so when I went in and worked with Gary Fleder, the director, we made sure that Gator had good reasons for doing what he's doing and that he actually cared about other people. That's what makes him human. To Sly's credit, he really liked all of the changes."

But Gator is one just one aspect of "Homefront," a movie that has more than a few surprising names attached to it. Apart from Stallone's script and Franco as the villain, "Homefront" also stars Jason Statham as a retired DEA agent. It's this mix that makes the movie work, according to Franco.

"It's a strange mix, but I think it works. I think it strangely works, and all of these weird, disparate elements that have come together in this film make it better," he said. "The sum is greater than the parts. It's really cool."

"Homefront" opens in theaters on November 27.