When Katy Perry Met Iggy Azalea: Go Behind Their MTV Meet-Cute

Australian rapper becomes a guest reporter for MTV News to ask the hard question: 'Would you rather live in the sky, or underwater?'

Minutes before her interview with Katy Perry, Australian rapper/model Iggy Azalea told the room that she wanted to ask the Prism singer what planet she would visit, if she could visit any planet in the universe. And she was completely serious.

Iggy — dressed in gray sweats and a purple Starter jacket covered with every NBA logo imaginable — had agreed to interview Perry as a guest reporter for MTV News for the world premiere of her "Unconditionally"


And while we were all excited about Iggy joining our team for the shoot

— she has an amazing energy that we expected to click with Perry — when she said she planned to ask about planetary space travel, we got a little bit nervous. And there were more: "If someone gave you a kitten right now, what would you name it?" "What would be your White Witch powers?" "Would you rather live in the sky, or underwater?"

The time for the interview was fast approaching. Iggy left to change

into some formal wear a flowing black dress, one a more timid person might have been terrified to wear. We weren't sure if Iggy was serious about her extra questions, or just trying to freak us out a bit with some dry Australian humor. But there was no time to find out —

Katy had entered the room, and the interview was about to begin.

But as we expected, Iggy and Katy were fast friends and had a fun and revealing chat about "Unconditionally." And on top of (almost) finding out what planet Perry would travel to —

"that planet that's made of ice but has water underneath" was her answer — thanks to Iggy, we also learned about the singer's secret

"Goose Bump Test" and more details about her songwriting process. And just as things were about to wrap up, we finally learned the answer to, "Would you live in the sky, or underwater?"

Sometimes you just have to trust your host — and Iggy definitely nailed it for us.