'Breaking Bad' Featurette: What Was Vince Gilligan's Job Anyway?

This exclusive behind-the-scenes clip explains what the showrunner did to make the series great.

The end of "Breaking Bad" has come and gone, and as much as we'd like that final shot to reverse, bringing us back to Walter White, that's the show, folks!

But with the massive complete series set of "Breaking Bad" on the way next week, fans of the show have a chance to look back like they never have before, thanks to new featurettes like the one MTV News can share with you exclusively.

The behind-the-scenes clip ventures into the writers' room to explore how the final episodes of "Breaking Bad" came together and what the job of mastermind Vince Gilligan actually was.

As the clip explains, Gilligan is basically in charge of everything. "Vince looks at every element of the show," explains co-executive producer Melissa Bernstein. "He is weighing in on costume. He is weighing in on props. He is weighing in on locations. He is weighing in on production design."

And while Gilligan, in the wake of the show's delayed explosion in popularity, has gotten the majority of the credit (alongside stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul), he's just as quick to shift some of the congratulations to everyone around him.

"I get to be the final arbiter of a great many of these decisions, but I do my best to make it as democratic a process as possible, where everybody gets to weigh in and make the final product better," Gilligan says in the clip. "Because I know that if I don't listen to other people's opinions, the show will be so much poorer for it."

"Breaking Bad: The Complete Series" will hit shelves on November 26 as a 16-disc set, featuring every episode of the show and a new two-hour documentary.