Chance The Rapper And James Blake Are Ready To Move In Together

Collaborators are planning to find a 'swaggy spot in LA' with 'the four-person bunk beds with the slide at the top.'

First comes an official remix, and then it's time to move in together? Chance The Rapper and James Blake

are moving pretty fast, but we're expecting some musical magic out of it.

During a visit to "RapFix Live," Chance revealed plans to move in with the U.K.-based singer/producer in January, and though James Blake wasn't too sure about the idea of sharing bunk beds, he did tease that a full album might come out of the cohabitation.

The two recently collaborated on a remix of Blake's "Life Round Here," and when asked if we might expect more music from them soon, Chance offered up they would be getting a "swaggy spot in L.A.," with "the four-person bunk beds with the slide at the top" so they can "slide down straight into the studio every day."

James Blake is into it, but in return he expects to be fed delicious fruit while leisurely lounging around this "swaggy" new spot they'll be sharing. That's all.

"I wanna do some music and I'm gonna have to move for some amount of time to make another record," Blake told MTV News, after being informed that Chance already shared their plans to shack up. "We have this collaboration that we can't just continue doing over the Internet forever so I gotta relocate. So [that might be me] moving to LA for a bit....which makes sense, because I go there a lot and I'm comfortable there. I dunno about bunking up, but it'd be cool to get a place with a studio as well."

"And apparently [Chance's] manager Pat is a really good cook, so we've got that sorted...and bunk beds...all that's left to do is make some music and we can do that," he added. "Mainly he's gonna be rapping and I'm gonna be lying on the chaise lounge, eating grapes being fed to me by Pat and then we might make some music."

The two artists first crossed paths in Austin, Texas, where Blake had the opportunity to catch his future roommate live. The rest was bromance history. "I heard his two mixtapes but that was only after I met him and I think that's a nice entry point because in my experience if you like somebody you'll probably like their music, and if you don't like their music, you might not like them in person," Blake explained.

"I met him at SXSW and he was playing a really small show and you could see that he was just a lot bigger than what he was doing. You could see that he was too big for the room and I still see that whenever he does a support show. He came up to me afterwards and said he was a fan — I was flattered but didn't know much of his music then, but based on the show, I was really flattered, because I thought he was really good."

In addition to Chance dropping a verse on the "Life Round Here (remix)" they also linked up in the U.K. to shoot an accompanying video, but that was only the beginning. Blake says that fans shouldn't be too surprised if an entire album comes out of their time living together, and if it does, it will strike all of the right notes.

The 25-year-old reveals that some of his earliest influences were OutKast and Wu-Tang, with RZA even appearing as the sole feature on his Overgrown album.

"Hip-hop is a mutating genre and it always has been, just like dubstep was," Blake said. "In hip-hop there's the temptation to just tack on some electronic sounds so you can be in a different field or be fresh, but that's not how I want to be involved in with."

"I think the most interesting thing about working with Chance or RZA is that they're interested in some pretty strange sounds and they always have been, so there were electronic aspects to their music before I got involved. In fact, some of the electronic songs I make are probably influenced by things [I've heard] on a Wu-Tang record, but it's me using my own palette to express the same thing. There's a crossover there but it can't be labeled too much, it has to be natural, or else it ends up sounding like sh--."