What Would Kanye Say? Why We Need The App For Twitter

The Facebook hack has blown up, and now we require a version for Twitter.

"i feel like a bric-a-brac shop, all monsters and Liars!"

The preceding sentence comes courtesy of a fun little hack that took the Web by storm this week called "What Would I Say?", which allows Facebook users auto-generate personalized statuses.

"What Would I Say?" is the creation of Princeton graduate students, who busted out the hack during a hack-a-thon at the university. The app plugs into your Facebook and sorts through your statuses, spitting out something wholly new and you-like. Or, as BrennaBot says, "It's weird. I knew about giant beetles that." You said it, me.

While the app has become wildly popular among Facebook users everywhere, we can't help but notice that it doesn't really work with celebs. For example, if you plug in, say, "Miley Cyrus," you'll get something akin to what a PR person might type in the middle of a nervous breakdown: "It's American Night on the concert special on the LIVE." And that's no surprise, given that many celebs use Facebook solely as a promotional tool.

When we asked the "What Would I Say?" team if they would ever consider making the app for Twitter — where more musicians and other high-profile acts talk with fans — they said, "We think it could definitely be applied to Twitter .... Many people have been passing this suggestion along, though, so it seems like a pretty popular idea!"

Here are the eight celebs who would make a Twitter version of "What Would I Say?" worth it:

Kanye West

Suggested Feature: Caps lock randomizer, for when extra emphasis is a must.


Suggested Feature: Wingdings, for when mere words do not suffice.

Lady Gaga

Suggested Feature: Extra exclamation points! Because!

Chris Brown

Suggested Feature: Tweet retrieval service, for when those digital messages just happen to vanish.

Andrew W.K.

Suggested Feature: Extra "party" in every tweet.

Wayne Coyne

Suggested Feature: Some random black censor bars — you know, for the kids.

Ezra Koenig

Suggested Feature: Just a whole mess of oxford commas.


Suggested Feature: Just something — anything — to make this kid sound dumber so we can all feel better about ourselves.