Paramore Bring The Heat At Wild NYC Show

The trio warmed up the chilling MSG crowd with a feisty 21-song set on Wednesday.

NEW YORK CITY — It would have been hard to miss the growing line of concertgoers lining up on the corner of West 33rd Street in the city on Wednesday. The brisk 29-degree weather meant nothing to the fans who, as early as 7 p.m. the day before, began standing, huddling and curling up in blankets to prepare for the night. Paramore's Self-Titled Tour finally hit New York City.

After opening acts Hellogoodbye and Metric warmed up the packed house, the bass drum kicked in, the curtain dropped, and standing in front of their recently established "3 bars" band insignia were the silhouettes of singer Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York. They kicked off the night with "Grow Up," a song off their latest album, and Williams sported a leather jacket with the same words spray painted on its back.

Playing the Garden is something the band has been dreaming of since their very first show in New York City back in August 2005 at the Continental, the singer told the crowd, and after a turbulent last couple of years, she admits there was a time in which they didn't think they would ever make that dream a reality.

While we would love to relive every single moment of last night -- like the sea of lights during "The Only Exception," Hayley's impeccable vocals, and the Taylor/Jeremy "Pressure" flip — we'll have to settle for presenting the top three moments.

Lasers, Projections, Balloons — Oh My!

When we sat down with Williams back in October at Hollywood Hard Rock's PINKTOBER launch, she told us to expect a Paramore show like no other.

"I want to remember it as a tour that changed the game for us in terms of being a live band," she said. "It's the biggest production we've ever put together, it's the longest set list."

They delivered — the 21-song set list touched on all four of the band's albums, peppering in such hits as "Misery Business" and "That's What You Get," and such crowd favorites as "When It Rains" and "Last Hope."

The huge "3 bars" symbol served as a permanent backdrop, as well as a projector for magnified versions of the trio as they rocked out, changing design with each song. Green lasers shot into the crowd and strobe lights took over the stage during such appropriate songs as the hard-hitting "Part II." At the night's triumphant end, blue and yellow balloons stamped with the "3 bars" symbol and orange confetti came raining down while "Still Into You" played to the packed house.

Moves Like Paramore

If you haven't witnessed the moves of Hayley Williams live, you have not lived. With the hip motions, the leg kicks, and the high knees, Williams has created some signature moves. At frequent points in the night, one concertgoer even said, "I'm gonna bust a move like Hayley!" OK, fine, that was us, but the point still remains: the chick's got some moves!

Hits like "Crush Crush Crush" and "That's What You Get" got the singer moving her hips the most, and she wouldn't take no for an answer when she asked the obedient crowd to dance around with her. Our favorite dance moment of all, though, was while the band jammed out to "Ain't It Fun." Williams broke out the old-school dance, the cripwalk, and soon after that, Davis and York came together in the center of the stage to cripwalk together, as well, and then we tried to cripwalk in our one square foot space — needless to say, they did it better.

Take Us To Church With Fordham

Throughout the tour, the band has brought out a different choir from each state to croon the bridge to "Ain't It Fun," a song that sarcastically talks about the harsh realities of life, and last night was no different. With the vocal help of Fordham School of the Arts choir, the band took Madison Square Garden to church, crooning "don't go cryin' to your mama 'cause you're on your own in the real world."

The Self-Titled Tour has nine dates left until Paramore closes out in Atlanta's Arena at Gwinnett Center on November 27.