We Take Nipsey Hussle On A $100 Shopping Spree: Find Out What He Bought

After the California rapper sold Crenshaw for $100, we wanted to know what he'd do with all that cash.

Nipsey Hussle made serious headlines when he put a $100 price tag on his independently released Crenshaw mixtape last month. The move was bold, even if it did prompt Jay Z to buy 100 physical copies of the project, but the California rapper, who is known for his "All Money In" mantra, isn't afraid to spend either.

During a recent trip to New York, MTV News took Neighborhood Nip to Academy Records in Brooklyn to see which artists he would be willing to drop coin on.

Nip certainly went digging for Tupac music at Academy and decided to purchase his 1997 single "Do For Love." "This posthumous 'Pac but he was still good for the hits after he passed away," he remarked holding the vinyl recording.

Hussle continued digging in the crates and pulled out Jay Z's 2001 classic The Blueprint and Nas' Stillmatic from the same year. "This is one of my favorite albums from Nas. I feel like he got back on his thing that made me fall in love with his style to begin with."

When the day was done, Nipsey rung up about $95 worth of music and came home with collectable vinyl pieces from Hov, Nas, Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang's Raekwon and Ghostface Killah.

"Back in the day, $20 for me, when I was 7, that was like $100," Nipsey told us, teaching us a lesson in inflation and the relative spending habits of youngsters. "So if I made a couple of dollars I would go to the store or warehouse and my brother would be like, 'What are you doing bro? You gotta eat lunch with this.' And I'd spend it on 'Pac albums."

"I'd figure out lunch later," he continued. "That's how much I needed that music, that's how much I got from it."