Robert Pattinson Finds Even More Work With 'Lost City Of Z'

Actor will reportedly star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Brad Pitt-produced film.

It's been a year since we've seen Robert Pattinson on the big screen — with his Edward Cullen continuing blissfully into a small but perfect piece of forever with Bella Swan in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." But his hiatus will soon come to an end, as the 27-year-old continues to add projects to his ever-growing slate.

His latest, according to TheWrap, is "The Lost City of Z," an adaptation of David Grann's 2009 account of British explorer Percy Fawcett, who along with his son, disappeared in the Amazon in search for an ancient lost city.

The film is being produced by Brad Pitt, with Benedict Cumberbatch already attached. It's not clear what role Patttinson will play, but what is obvious, is that the actor is going to be a busy, busy man over the next couple of years. Let's check out his roster. (Note: Release dates are all TBD.)

"The Rover"

This futuristic Western will likely mark the next time audiences see Pattinson in theaters, though distributor A24 (the guys who brought you "Spring Breakers" forever) has yet to schedule its debut. Pattinson plays Reynolds, a man desperately seeking his automobile — and the valuable contents inside. So it's like "Dude, Where's My Car?" in the Australian outback. Except, not at all.

"Map to the Stars"

Pattinson recently wrapped production on this film, in which the actor reunites with his "Cosmopolis" director David Cronenberg. "Maps to the Stars," which co-stars Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack and Julianne Moore, revolves around two former child-stars in a satire of all things show business.

"Mission: Blacklist"

If you believe certain reports, Patinson is getting hot and sweaty, adhering to a strict workout regimen to portray military interrogator Eric Maddox in this film about the capture of Saddam Hussein. (Call us if you need a workout partner, Rob!)

"Queen of the Desert"

Scheduling conflicts and casting switch-ups have delayed production on this Werner Herzog project about English writer Gertrude Bell and her life-long friend T.E. Lawrence (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia). Don't let us down, Herzog. We want to see Pattinson on a camel.

"Hold on to Me"

Fans will have to hold on for "Hold on to Me." The con-woman film co-starring Carey Mulligan is in a holding pattern for now. "We couldn't get it together in time, basically," Mulligan told MTV News earlier this year. "We still hope to do it. It's just sort of hanging out there for a second."


It's a James Dean movie in which Pattinson does not play James Dean. That role goes to "Chronicle" star Dane DeHaan, while Pattinson will portray Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock, who befriends the up-and-coming actor while snapping now-iconic images of him. The film is slated to begin production in early 2014.

Which Robert Pattinson project are you most excited to see?