B.o.B Tears Down 'Never-Ending Wall Of Money' In 'All I Want' Video

The Underground Luxury anthem may sound like just another ode to dollar bills, but Bobby Ray says 'it's deeper than that.'

On Underground Luxury's paper-stacking anthem, "All I Want," B.o.B proclaims that money, money, money is all he wants, but for the accompanying visuals, the Atlanta-based rapper looks to capture the deeper meaning behind his quest for greenbacks.

"The concept of this video is really taking something as materialistic as money and really painting the picture broader and what it means to people," B.o.B told MTV News in a behind-the-scenes look on the set of the music video.

Dressed in all black, accented by diamond-encrusted necklaces, rings and a watch, Bobby Ray enthusiastically spits lyrics drenched in covetous materialism in front of a wall plastered with $100 bills.

"Basically, I'm performing in front of this never-ending wall of money," he added. "And it's kind of symbolic to the never-ending rat race to get money."

With lyrics like, "It's just so many women, it's just so many chains, it's just so many watches, it's just too many things, I want," it's easy to write this catchy track off as just another bling dream. But a closer inspection beneath the surface of the presumed superficiality reveals the hustle and dreams of a grittier B.o.B not heard on his pop-friendly debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

"You can listen to this song and say this song is just about money, this song is materialistic. Why is B.o.B. talking about this?" the Grand Hustle artist said. "And if you listen, it's deeper than that. This is about accomplishment, it's about growth, it's about doing things that you spend your whole life accomplishing. Even if it has nothing necessarily to do about money, it's a very emotional record."

The "Ready" MC's third solo set, which features guest appearances from Chris Brown, Future, 2 Chainz and T.I., is scheduled for a December 17 release date.