Justin Bieber Works Through A 'Bad Day' Heartbreak: Listen Now!

Latest single in his 'Music Mondays' series is a tender acoustic ballad.

Sure, he jets all around the world, is constantly mobbed by fans and lives the kind of life most of us could never imagine. But Justin Bieber hurts. His heart breaks just like yours. In fact, if you believe the lyrics to his latest "Music Mondays"
 single, "Bad Day," JB has had his heart stomped into the ground.

The tender acoustic ballad is clearly a vehicle for Justin to work out a hard breakup that he just can't shake. "Though I didn't think you would let me down that easy/Oh no girl/ And I didn't think it was over until you walked away/Like it was nothin' baby," Bieber sings in his nasally falsetto over spare acoustic guitar, drums and bass.

In keeping with the minimalist artwork for the songs in the series so far, the cover of "Bad Day" features a grey raincloud pouring purple rain. Since Bieber is in Brazil at the moment, he seemed to get the timing of the song's release mixed up, promising it earlier than it was scheduled to go, until manager Scooter Braun corrected him.

After figuring out the time zone confusion, Bieber posted a video of himself crooning a few lines from the Babyface-like ballad. "Life was unpredictable/Yeah, I never thought a love like yours would leave me all alone/Oh no," he sings in the clip.

The short (2:30) break-up bummer is one of the starkest declarations of heartache we've heard from the Biebs lately, especially the part where he laments, "And that moment was so hard for me to breathe/Cuz you took away the biggest part of me." Whereas on the previous effort, "Recovery," where Bieber was asking for a second chance, on "Bad Day" the singer clearly seems to realize he's lost his love forever.

In the chorus, during which he's joined by some backup singers, Bieber adds, "It was a bad day/Heyyy/I know I was wrong, but you could have said goodbye baby." The refrain only comes around one time in the brief tune, leading to an outro in which JB repeats "it was a bad day" until fadeout.

You have to feel for Bieber given that someone has clearly left him shattered, but fans did their best to make him feel better about his loss. "It's so perfect," wrote one Belieber shortly after the song went up on iTunes. "Perfect" seemed to be the general consensus among followers, who also used phrases like "so good," "pure perfection" and "so smooooth" to describe the tune.

Some, like @voguefries, were brought to tears by the song, posting an image of himself all choked up.

"Bad Day" is the fifth song in the series, following "Recovery," "All That Matters," "Hold Tight" and "Heartbreaker." In addition to releasing new music, Bieber will also be gifting fans with his upcoming documentary/concert flick, "Believe."
 The Jon Chu-directed movie will hit theaters on Christmas Day.