Miley Madness: These 8 Celebs Wear 2013's Best Costume

Cyrus' VMA look inspired everyone from Paris Hilton to Jenny McCarthy to stick out their tongues this Halloween.

Miley Cyrus may have gone as Lil' Kim for Halloween, but it seems like virtually everyone else in Hollywood put their spin on the 20-year-old's teddy-bear onesie and flesh-colored bikini that she wore when she graced the 2013 VMAs stage back in August.

While performing "We Can't Stop" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" at the Video Music Awards, Miley ripped off her furry bear leotard, revealing a latex get-up and patting herself with a foam finger. Thicke, Miley's partner in crime, grinded against her tush as she bent over and twerked. Fans were astounded at the scandalous performance, quickly projecting the 20-year-old as a pop-culture meme.

And now that Cyrus' VMA outift is one of the most recognized looks on anyone this Halloween, we have to hand it to these celebrities for being Miley.

It's Miley!

Paris Hilton and Joan Rivers each put their spin on Miley's unforgettable VMAs look. And we have to give the iconic comedian credit for having fun with it, even if we don't really get it.

The Smilers also got into the Miley spirit, hitting parties dressed up like the pop princess in many incarnations.

Robin Thicke Included!

The "Blurred Lines" singer wanted everyone to know that to dress like him for Halloween it was all about the details. It seems like lovebirds Hugh and Crystal Hefner, as well as talk-show hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, took the singer's advice to heart.

And Then There Were These...

Perez Hilton decided that if he was going to do the Miley, he would do it his own way by making her a vampire. Because why not? Meanwhile, "The View" co-host Jenny McCarthy really took it to the next level. She was just Miley's tongue.