Odd Future's 'Ghost Of The Hotel': Tyler, Taco And The Gang Scare Up A Horror Flick

OF's Halloween short is a campy good time.

Tyler, The Creator seems to be all about the directing lately. Now, he's treading into John Carpenter territory with his thrilling new Odd Future-made horror film, "The Ghost of the Hotel."

Yup, the MellowHigh album isn't the only Odd Future-featuring production to get a Halloween release date, OFWGKTA members Jasper Dolphin, Tyler, The Creator, Taco Bennett, L-Boy and Earl Sweatshirt put out their short film on the Day of the Dead as well.

All in all, the film is the kind of deal you might have created in high school for a class project. The plot summary, per YouTube, is the following: "A Little Girl Dies By The Stairs In A Hotel And Detective Ray And Tony Has To Find Out Who Did It Before Its Too Late.........."

The "little white girl" — as it reads in the credits — is played by Taco. And that's not the only nonsensical thing that happens. For example, watch out for some pretty fancy camerawork, courtesy of directors of photography Tyler, Taco and Jasper. It's like French New Wave, but upside down. Literally.

And then there's the big reveal: Who lurks under the ghost's spooky, eyehole-less sheet? We won't give that away, but we'll tell you the closing line: "I am the ghost. No, I'm not. I'm really a horse." OK.

Tyler, The Creator has dropped a ton of videos over the last few months, all just a bit more polished than this short horror flick. He released a trailer for a mysterious upcoming movie called "Wolf" — also the name of his latest album — under his alter ego Wolf Haley in September. After that came his GIF-tastic "Tamale" video and "Glowing," a subtly disturbing video he created for an anonymous solo artist in which a couple blithely ignores the world falling around their ears. (FYI, despite speculations from fans, the solo artist is not D.A. Wallach of Chester French, Wallach told MTV News.) And that's just to name a very few.

A prolific filmmaker, Tyler's directing prowess has lately caught the attention of the likes of Kanye West, who asked the younger musician to teach him how to make videos.

Tyler also expressed his desire to be a famous director in a recent Twitter rant against Will.i.am, saying: "IN 10 YEARS HE'LL BE 50 AND ILL BE 32 MAKING MOVIES (not even in them) WATCH. WOLF HALEY DIRECTOR SECTION WILL BE POPPIN."

We're not sure if "The Ghost of the Hotel" will be the flick to cinch the deal here, but it's definitely worth a campy, Halloween season watch.