One Direction's 'Story of My Life' Video Teaser Is Better Than Candy

1D gives fans a Halloween treat with a short clip from the video, out Sunday.

One Direction fans certainly got a treat this Halloween. Not only did the boy band announce that their new video for "Story of My Life" would be released Sunday, but they gave Directioners a teaser as well.

The :17 clip sets the mood for the video, beginning with the soft folky acoustic guitar sounds of the ballad. In what appears to be a dark room of a photo lab, we get a glimpse of the boys as they each take a step in developing and looking through old pictures of themselves.

Liam seems to be working with film, as Louis and Niall develop the photos. Zayn hangs them to dry. Harry is the last member featured in teaser, starting directly to camera, a string of photos hung behind him.

Realizing their fans probably want to see more, 1D took to Twitter posting photos from the video, which include Liam behind a photo enlarger and Harry and Niall checking out old childhood pictures.

"Story of My Life" marks the second single off their November 25 album Midnight Memories and, according to former "X Factor" U.K. mentor and label boss Simon Cowell, this video is "the best one d video yet."

MTV News recently caught up with co-writer of the track, Jamie Scott, who revealed that he really wanted to pen a track that 1D could, "take to a new place."

"They freaked out and finished the song with us," Scott said when the boy band heard the track. "It's always good to have their kind of input on lyrics and stuff just to make sure they're really singing what they're singing about."