Lindsey Gort's Underwear Makes Her Feel Most Like Samantha Jones

The actress will make her 'Carrie Diaries' debut in the season two premiere airing Friday.

"Maybe we could be each others' soul mates and then we could let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with."

And that, at its core, was the ethos of HBO's beloved six-season series "Sex and the City." Forget men and Manolos: What would Carrie Bradshaw be without her tight-knit group of girlfriends to lean on and learn from?

In the upcoming season-two premiere of the CW prequel "The Carrie Diaries," our protagonist will begin to assemble that gal-pal gang with the introduction of the city's swingingest single, Samantha Jones, to be played by Lindsey Gort. And though she's a much younger Samantha than the one we've come to know and love, Gort said she's just as saucy as you'd expect.

"She's already as sexually free as one could hope for in Samantha Jones," Gort said. "The biggest difference is that the fashion is different. She doesn't quite have her Manolos yet. She's like most girls in their twenties, just figuring their life out, and you know, she's trying a couple different career moves and bouncing around a little bit. She still has some walls up, a little guarded, but she's definitely a Samantha people will recognize from the Samantha people know."

Speaking of the crazy fashions, Gort explained that it's the absence of apparel that really gets her in the Samantha mindset.

"My craziest outfit would be the lack of an outfit — probably my pasties and underwear combo that I have come to know and love," she said. "I think the first time wearing it was probably my third day. 'Welcome to the show, get naked!' I had to expect it. For me, it's the thing that makes me feel most like Samantha because most girls don't ever think they're going to walk around like that. I always tell myself, 'What would Samantha do?' She'd just suck it up, put it on and hit the town."

For her part, Gort's had a bit of guidance from the woman who first brought Samantha to the screen: Kim Cattrall. The actress tweeted her congrats earlier this year, and though Gort has yet to meet Cattrall, they have exchanged a few direct messages via Twitter.

"The tweet she sent said the key to playing her is her heart — she never judges those she loves," Gort said. "She mentioned to me, sometimes Samantha can feel like a responsibility because it's just such a big persona. People think of it as such a character, but it's not. She's still just a girl like you and I. She's just a big personality but not to think of it as a weight to carry or a cross to bear. It's just a girl who's going to be honest and speak her mind."

"The Carrie Diaries" returns Friday at 8 p.m. on The CW.