Johnny Knoxville Has 'So Much' More For 'Bad Grandpa .5'

'Jackass' tells MTV News all the crazy stuff that didn't make the final film.

Ever since the "Jackass" boys started working their destructive magic on the big screen, it's been their style to overshoot and edit down a large number of pranks to just the very best for a full-length film. Even though Johnny Knoxville is out on his own for his latest string of hidden-camera pranks with "Bad Grandpa," he's sticking to that formula.

MTV News recently sat down with Knoxville and his young co-star Jackson Nicoll, and the former "Jackass" star shared with us some secrets from the editing room. "There are 50-ish bits in this film, and to get those 50-ish bits, we'll film more than double. So you just try a lot," he said. "You try not to pre-edit too much ahead of time. You just shoot and see what works."

Some of the most significant cuts left characters and entire storylines on the cutting room floor. That was the case for much of Spike Jonze's role in the movie. The acclaimed director co-wrote the screenplay and makes a cameo as an old woman in the film, but there was originally supposed to be more to it than that.

"There's so much. Spike Jonze played Gloria, who was going to be a love interest that was going to come in and upset our relationship later in the film," Knoxville said, adding that Catherine Keener shot scenes as his character's wife. "We got great stuff with both of them, but in the end, it didn't work for the story, so we're sitting on all that footage."

Fans eager to see the extra footage for "Bad Grandpa" don't have to worry, however. Knoxville said that it will be repackaged, just like the "Jackass" film, in a "Bad Grandpa .5."